As LEDs are generally new to the lighting industry, ITALUCE has made it a priority to educate and give knowledge about the benefits of LEDs. We introduce the FAQ section where you can find help with most of your questions. If you can’t find it here don’t hesitate to send us an email where a representative will respond to you as quickly as possible.

Q: How long will the LED’s in my light strip last?

A: Typically, LED’s are rated for 50,000+ hours of operation.

Q: How to order ITALUCE products?

A: This site is to inform you of all the products that ITALUCE has to offer. If you would like to purchase an item refer to our BUYERS LIST section.

Q: Can I connect ITALUCE LED Strips to a dimmer?

A: All ITALUCE LED Strips have the ability to dim with the use of our dimmers. For more info click ACCESSORIES.

Q: Can I leave my ITALUCE LED Strips on all the time?

A: Yes. You can leave the ITALUCE LED Strips on all of the time. They have an incredible 50,000-hour life expectancy.

Q: Will the tape on my ITALUCE LED Strips stick to wood?

A: The ITALUCE LED Strips comes with a very durable 3M tape on the back of every strip. It will stick to many surfaces including wood.

Q: How many ITALUCE LED Strips can I link together?

A: You may operate up to 6 ITALUCE LED Strips with a single 24V power supply.

Q: How do I install the ITALUCE LED Strips strip?

A: Installation is simple and straightforward. Download complete installation instructions here.

Q: Is the ITALUCE LED Strips UL/CSA approved?

A: The ITALUCE LED Strips uses a low voltage UL listed wall transformer.

Q: Will the Stunner LED strips work overseas?

A: The ITALUCE LED Strips use a 100-220V, 24V wall transformer rated at 2.5A. The transformer includes a 120V power cord, however you can usually locate a power cord for your country.

Q: Can the LED strips be cut or trimmed?

A: Yes! You can easily cut the ITALUCE LED Strips. Use a utility knife or scissors. The LEDs are wired in groups of 3, so you should cut between sets of 3 LEDs. Note: You can not make any cut between 3 series connected LEDs because they are series connected and any cut will break the string. Before you cut, just make sure you won’t be cutting a power wire, otherwise your LED strip will not work.

Q: Can the cut section of the strip be re-used?

A: Yes! Every ITALUCE LED Strips has a male and a female connector at two end sides. Just choose the proper connector you can use the rest of your cut section. If the rest section has no any connector on it, re-use is also physically possible, but it is not a simple procedure needs some professional experience in soldering. It may not worth doing.

Q: Once cut, is the strip still waterproof?

A: If you cut it in right way, it will still be weather resistance. But to make a cut strip fully waterproof again, we recommend you apply some silicone to the end of strip.

Q: What is the best way to mount ITALUCE LED Strips?

A: We have applied a very strong 3M double sided adhesive mounting tape in the back, but sometimes if you use the strip in fully outdoor environment, we suggest use some wire ties or clip ITALUCE LED Strips to ensure durability.

Q: Do all the controllers and dimmers and connectors go with all the LED lighting strips?

A: Short answer yes, the controllers are meant to go with RGB light strips only, but can work with the single color light strips. Not all the options will be enabled when used with a single color light strip.

Q: What are kelvins and what does “color temperature” mean?

A: The color temperature of a light fixture is a measurement of the amount of yellow or blue in the white light that it produces, since all light falls somewhere on the scale shown below. This measurement is expressed in kelvins; a higher kelvin number means the light is cooler/more blue, and a lower number means that it’s warmer/more yellow.